Meet Billy Malone


Born and raised in the United Kingdom, at the age of 16, despite my dyslexia, I graduated high school and studied engineering.  At 21, I was awarded the GTMA’s Certificate of Craftsman by the Minister of Transportation at the British Houses of Parliament in London.  By my early 20’s I was designing for some of the top companies, and it was as an industrial designer in plastics that General Electric brought me to North America. After several years in the field of engineering, I decided to go back to school and explore my creative side.  I studied for 3 years and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where I subsequently became a teacher.  I then continued my studies at California State University, Los Angeles where I was accepted into the honor society Phi Kappa Phi.  Newly married, I had to cut my studies short because my wife suffered from a chronic spinal disease that left her disabled and unable to work.  Her disease has shaped my perspectives on healthcare, education, social justice...just about everything I do. And between my dyslexia, her disease, and my daughter's high academic and social achievements, I have come to really understand the necessity for education to focus on the individual needs of our students. 


My family and I moved to Altadena in 2005, shortly after the birth of our daughter. The clean air, the country feel, the friendly neighbors all attracted us to this little slice of heaven at the base of the San Gabriel mountains. I had never felt so motivated to get involved in my community as I did after moving here to Altadena.  I joined the Altadena Chamber of Commerce in 2011 (where I eventually served three terms as President and as Legislative Committee Chair) and ran for Altadena Town Council in 2013 where I have actively represented my district ever since.


Over the past 10 years, as Town Councilmember, I have served on the Education Committee and Land Use Committee, and I have acted as Executive Committee Chair (2 terms) and Corresponding Secretary (1 term).  In addition, I have served as Chair on the Altadena Community Center Advisory Board and Chair of Altadena Voices Project.  Furthermore, I have been a highly involved parent throughout my daughter’s education, having co-founded with my wife a performing arts program and performing arts summer camp at her elementary school and supporting the Drama Boosters and PTSA at her current PUSD high school, from which, I am proud to say, she will graduate this school year with honors and as an AP Scholar with Distinction.

Some of my many local accomplishments I’d like to share are:

            * As chair of the ATC, I spearheaded the “Save the Altadena Sheriff Station” which included joining forces with other county communities. Because of this unified effort we were able to save the station, which is still fully functioning and serving our community today.

            * As a councilmember I not only supported PUSD schools like Eliot and Altadena in their evolution into successful Arts Magnets but I also supported and wrote grant letters of support to Washington D.C. for John Muir’s Early College access program, which is now a vibrant part of Muir’s educational offerings

            * As a member of the education committee, we held annual town halls to promote PUSD and established the ATC’s “hidden gems of PUSD” map.

            * During Covid lockdowns, I created a community social justice art program called “Altadena Voices” which partnered with La County, LA County Parks, Altadena library, and local PUSD schools.

            * During the bobcat fire, I established the ATC phone bank volunteer group for updated community emergency information.


The 3 R's

My reason for running is very simple and can be summed up in the 3 R’s (RRR).

We are all familiar with the 3R’s of education, but I am talking about the 3R’s that make it all happen:  Resources, Readiness, and Responsibility.

Resources:  Providing access and availability to all resources that our kids need to graduate. Meeting the needs of each individual child, whether they require something for a learning disability, assistance with ESL, nutritional resources, more challenging coursework to begin with are only a few of the many basic resources that should be available.  We need to be thinking bigger, considering the individual needs or requirements of every child and then we need to be able to supply those resources for their success.

Readiness:  It's not just about providing the tools and resources alone, but whether or not our students are prepared to use them during their PUSD education and develop the skills they'll need to transition after graduation.  We need to insure they are fully equipped and have the experience to manage their own success and future.  Each child has their own unique needs for success and their own unique path once they graduate.  It makes no sense to have the right tools if you don’t know how to use them. 

Responsibility:  We need to all be held accountable and responsible for the future successes and failures of our student body.  As board members, teachers, administrators, and parents, we need to understand what it all means:  what we learn, how we learn, what we offer, and knowing when to change for the advantage of our students.  We always need to be responsible for our own actions on every level, understanding that our choices and decisions have consequences and that our students are not numbers, they are each an individual with a family.  Be the example we want our students to follow.

This is not just something I believe in, it is a passion based on personal family experience. Whatever the individual needs, we should support our students in every way possible, always. Quality, equitable education in our public schools should never be a choice but a right that is available to all, and as a newly elected member of the board I intend to keep my promises and make sure that happens.  If anyone asks why I am running?  The answer is simple:  it is and can always be found in the 3 R’s