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Due to illness a portion of a statement was read into record at the POPS candidate forum on September 28th 2022. Here is that statement in full. I hope that it may answer some questions that others may have

"These are the words of Billy Malone

I would first like to thank everyone for the opportunity to address you all. Then I would like to thank my

very good friend, and congress woman of the year, Veronica Jones for her offer to read my statement

into record this evening, it is a great honor to me.

As it is important to me that I am not just seen as being approachable but that I am reachable to anyone

that wishes to contact me for any reason, I would like to start by sharing my cell phone number 626 893

0787. Or you can email me through my campaign website: MaloneforPUSD.com.

There are only 2 basic questions above all others that anyone present has for those sitting on the stage

tonight, and those 2 basic questions are: Can I do the job? and what can I do for you? Hopefully I can

answer that for you this evening with this statement.

Why is running important to me? None of us know what it is like to truly be someone else, but what I do

know, is that despite our differences, every one of us, regardless of our identity, deserve equal

opportunities in life. With opportunities, many social issues can find or begin to find answers and it all

begins with education. We need a level playing field and we achieve that by making sure everyone has

the right to a free, equal, quality, education. One that’s based on the individual and the individual’s

needs. When we have a primary focus on the individual, then the other factors automatically become a

part of the overall solution process, such factors as insecurities (like food, housing, and family finances),

culture, race, religion, sexual identity, ability, social status are all included in the equation. Public schools

are a reflection of these diverse factors and that should be seen as a positive. They should be the very

place that becomes more than the sum of its test scores and become an unparalleled measure of

success that is greater than numbers alone. They should embrace our societal blend, believe in

everyone, be a safe place for our kids, where they feel they are not judged by who they are or where

they come from, but inspired to become what they dream to be.

So what makes me so positive about the future success of our district? It’s because of my following

vision plan.

Listen: stop using data from the state as the main evidence behind decisions, find ways to reach the

most vulnerable populations, and hear what they have to say, really listen.

Don’t wait for public comments at board meetings, go find the public comments in the community, in a

room full of noise, the silent majority are never heard.

Dialogue: People repeat what they hear, I intend to change the dialogue, stop with the negativity, focus

and promote the positives

Ambassadors: As a board member you are an ambassador of the district, be a proud ambassador,

promote as such and be an extension in the community.

Solutions: Always be solution driven, we have enough ideas, what we need is real-time solutions that

are put into action.

I first got involved in local politics because of a family member’s disability and realizing the lack of

understanding to individual needs. So for me, it has always been about the difference I can make for my

community and how I can make positive impacts more than my personal success. A personal philosophy

I would bring to the board.

Some of the local positions I have held.

Altadena Town Council Member- 5 terms, also serving on the education committee, Land Use

Committee, Executive Committee. Have also served as chair and corresponding secretary.

Altadena Community Center Advisory Board Chair

Altadena Chamber of commerce Board Member, 3 term president, and legislative committee Chair

Altadena Voices Chair

A few local accomplishments include:.

As chair of the council, I spearheaded the “save the Altadena Sheriff Station” which included joining

forces with other communities. Because of this unified effort we were able to save the station which is

still fully functioning and serving our community today.

AS a council member I not only supported PUSD schools like Eliot and Altadena in their evolution into

successful Arts Magnets but I also supported and wrote grant letters of support to Washington DC for

John Muir’s Early College access program, which is now a vibrant part of Muir’s educational offerings

As a member of the education committee, we held annual town halls to promote PUSD and established

the ATC’s “hidden gems of PUSD” map.

During Covid lockdowns, I created a community social justice art program called “Altadena Voices”

which partnered with La County, LA County Parks, Altadena library and local PUSD schools.

During the bobcat fire, I established the ATC phone bank volunteer group for updated community

emergency information.

To name a few.

Focus from day one:

Stop school closures: when we close and consolidate schools, we create an opening for charters and

private schools to come in and draw our students away from PUSD. We need to keep our schools open

and serve those students ourselves.

Increase enrollment: when schools (their parents, staff, and board representatives) work together and

help promote each other rather than worrying which school will close next and developing the

divisiveness that closures breed, our schools become stronger and more attractive.


Make every campus a successful campus of choice: if every campus is successful and offers its own

unique, competitive programs, then every school has something that attracts the individual student,

making it a school that students will be proud to choose.

Promote diversity at every level: by focusing on the individual and making the effort to listen to the

underserved individuals in our community we can truly serve our diverse community properly. On a

personal note, one of the greatest things about living in Altadena and sending my daughter to PUSD is

the immense diversity we enjoy. My daughter is currently looking at colleges and one of her top

priorities is to insure she attends a school that has a diverse population because she knows how

important it is to learn from people different than herself. I am proud that my daughter attends PUSD

and of the quality education she has acquired.

I thank you for this opportunity to address this audience and I thank Veronica Jones for giving me a voice

when I was unable, and I hope you join with all of my community partners in envisioning the fresh,

positive changes I will bring to the district…and vote Billy Malone."

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